Search the web from Google Sheets in 2024

Utilize the PERPLEXITY(prompt) function to conduct real-time web searches and obtain current information. This function is invaluable for inquiries regarding events, facts, individuals, or companies where timeliness and accuracy are crucial. It leverages Perplexity AI’s online model for reliable results.

The PERPLEXITY(prompt) function enables you to ask direct questions and get up-to-date answers based on a web search:

=PERPLEXITY(“What are the latest developments in renewable energy technologies?”)

Provide a specific URL from which the information must be retrieved:

=PERPLEXITY(“What services does this company provide?”)

Scrape a single URL using WEB functions









  1. Go to the GPT for Sheets.

  2. Click Install. Install-GPT-for-Sheets

How to Launch GPT for Sheets

  1. Open your Google Sheet.
  2. Click on Extensions > GPT for Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms > Launch Launch-GPT-for-Sheets
  3. A sidebar will be opened on the right side of the page.


Web Scrapping functions:










GPT-3, GPT-4, GPT VISIONS (image recognition)

=GPT(prompt, [value])




=GPT_IMAGE(url, prompt)

=GPT_TAG(text, [tags])

=GPT_EXTRACT(text, to_extract)

=GPT_TRANSLATE(text, target, [source])

=GPT_SUMMARIZE(text, [format])

=GPT_FORMAT(text, source, target)

=GPT_CLASSIFY(text, categories)

=GPT_FILL(examples, inputs)

=GPT_LIST(prompt, [value])

=GPT_HLIST(prompt, [value])

=GPT_SPLIT(text, split_by)

=GPT_HSPLIT(text, split_by)

=GPT_APPLY(text, [task])

=GPT_TABLE(prompt, headers)