Create 1000 product descriptions with ChatGPT and Google Sheets

First of all you need to install GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Claude for Sheets Add-on for using AI models

  1. Go to workspace GPT for Sheets Add-On
  2. Click the Install button

Rewrite and create content

Generate SEO-Friendly Meta Descriptions

=GPT("Generate SEO-friendly meta descriptions for", "a travel website")

Create Optimized Title Tags

=GPT("Create optimized title tags for", "a tech product launch")

Write Engaging Blog Post Intros

=GPT("Write engaging blog post intros about", "sustainable living")

Craft SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

=GPT("Craft SEO-friendly product descriptions for", "a new line of fitness equipment")

Generate FAQ Sections

=GPT("Generate FAQ sections addressing common queries about", "home insurance")

Draft Location-Specific Landing Page Content

=GPT("Draft location-specific landing page content for", "a dental clinic in New York City")

Create Optimized Content Outlines

=GPT("Create optimized content outlines for", "an SEO guide targeting beginners")

Generate Keyword-Rich Anchor Text Suggestions

=GPT("Generate keyword-rich anchor text suggestions for", "a tech blog")

Craft Persuasive Call-to-Action (CTA) Statements

=GPT("Craft persuasive call-to-action (CTA) statements for", "a cybersecurity webinar")

Write SEO-Friendly Social Media Posts

=GPT("Write SEO-friendly social media posts promoting", "a new fashion collection")

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