You already work in a Google Docs, Sheets & Gmail. Don’t change that.

We give you the Add-Ons to work 10x faster. Response in 1 click to Emails, generate Documents, Books, Ads, Tweets, Posts. Do it all from Google Workspace with our Add-Ons integrated with AI (ChatGPT).

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ChatGPT in Google Docs™

Integrated into Google Docs
Support 36 languages
Full Article generation in 1 click (1000+ words)
No need API keys
Article Ideas generation
Summarize text
Summarize text with bullet points
Grammar and spelling to style, tone, native any language
Rephrase text
Add emojis to text
Tweet generation
Personalized Cold Emails
Content for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Apple Computer

Gmail™ GPT

Integrated into Gmail
Support 36 languages
Response to email in 1 click
Personalized Cold Emails
No need API keys
Grammar and spelling to style, tone, native any language
Rephrase email
Generate a subject for email
Make longer response
Make shorter response

Apple Computer

ChatGPT in Google Sheets™

Integrated into Google Sheets
Support 36 languages
GPT to get the result of ChatGPT in a single cell
GPT_TABLE to get a table of items from a prompt
GPT_FORMAT to sanitize your spreadsheet data into the same format
GPT_EXTRACT to extract entities from your Sheets™ data
GPT_SUMMARIZE to summarize your spreadsheet content
GPT_CLASSIFY to classify spreadsheet content into a single category
GPT_TAG to apply tags to your spreadsheet content
GPT_TRANSLATE to translate your spreadsheet content
GPT_CONVERT to convert CSV to HTML to JSON to XML, etc.

DocGPT for Google Docs™ and Sheets™ helps you and your team break through creative blocks to create amazing, original content 10X faster.

Generate months of social media content in minutes.

Gmail™ GPT helps you write emails just in 1 click using AI.

Write catchy video scripts to go viral on YouTube and TikTok. Create content in 36 languages!

AI DocGPT is trained to produce high-converting marketing copy.


Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds.

Write better content faster Leverage AI to write your content and copy in minutes.


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