Best way how to get GPT in Google Sheets in 2024

Integrating ChatGPT with Google Sheets enables you to handle thousands of cells simultaneously. By prompting ChatGPT with your instructions, the Sheets add-on executes them, neatly organizing the output in rows and columns. Additionally, using the familiar Google Sheets interface eliminates the need to switch between different apps. Google Sheets is already excellent for teamwork, allowing real-time collaboration. With the GPT for Sheets add-on, this collaboration becomes even more productive.

Whether you’re generating content, brainstorming ideas, or editing text, integrating ChatGPT transforms Google Sheets into an AI-powered platform, effectively turning it into ‘DocGPT.AI - GPT for Sheets’

  1. Go to workspace GPT for Sheets Add-On
  2. Click Install

Confirm any required permissions to proceed with the installation of the ChatGPT / Sheets add-on.

Once installed, you can access the add-on from the Extensions menu in any Google spreadsheet. ChatGPT is now integrated with Google Sheets and can be used for writing copy, translating, classifying text, extracting entities, web searching, and many other tasks, all in bulk and directly from Google Sheets. The available GPT models in Word include GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, and GPT-3.5 Turbo.

Key features of GPT for Google Sheets

Use cases for ChatGPT within Google Sheets

Writing and improving copy for SEO

When you’re looking to improve existing content or generate new ideas that can boost your search engine rankings, the ChatGPT Sheets integration can be revolutionary.

With GPT for Sheets, SEO copywriting becomes streamlined through straightforward prompts. For instance, you can enhance large volumes of existing content to better adhere to SEO best practices. For instance, an SEO specialist could utilize a formula such as

=GPT(“Optimize this title for SEO”, A2)

where A2 contains a less-than-optimal headline. ChatGPT then returns a suggestion for a more impactful, keyword-optimized headline based on SEO trends and data. Dragging the formula down then applies it to the whole column.


GPT-3, GPT-4, GPT VISIONS (image recognition)

=GPT(prompt, [value])




=GPT_IMAGE(url, prompt)

=GPT_TAG(text, [tags])

=GPT_EXTRACT(text, to_extract)

=GPT_TRANSLATE(text, target, [source])

=GPT_SUMMARIZE(text, [format])

=GPT_FORMAT(text, source, target)

=GPT_CLASSIFY(text, categories)

=GPT_FILL(examples, inputs)

=GPT_LIST(prompt, [value])

=GPT_HLIST(prompt, [value])

=GPT_SPLIT(text, split_by)

=GPT_HSPLIT(text, split_by)

=GPT_APPLY(text, [task])

=GPT_TABLE(prompt, headers)